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We provide daily extensive handling and socialization to provide the best start for a solid foundation.

All our dogs are hand raised at home indoors.

Dogs will be delivered approximately 3 weeks after purchase. Our Dogs have a ‘passport’ that includes all up-to-date vaccines.

We do not offer financing or partial payments. We do not require a deposit.

If you change your mind about which dog you prefer within 48hrs your payment is transferable to another dog you choose.

All deliveries if by car or flight are booked 3 days before the dogs leave us.

We have a 1-year health guarantee on all our dogs, activate the guarantee by obtaining a health certificate from your veterinarian within 3 days of receiving your protection dog.

There are no extra fees unless a special request is made by you.

4 Extra Services

Cargo is unaccompanied from our airport to yours. You must collect your puppy from the airport. 80% of our customers choose this option.

Nanny delivery fully accompanied from our door to yours.

New Video Request. Photos online are current.

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Notes - sibling rivalry, cognitive or physical needs, loves swimming, plays football etc

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