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Kaya Giant Schnauzer for Sale

Kaya Trained Giant Schnauzer For Sale

Name: Kaya
Breed: Giant Schnauzer
Color: Black
Gender: Female

Price: $68,000.00

You can have it all with patience and training. Our Giant Schnauzer for sale are very naturally protective dogs, but they are slow to mature and require a lot of early socialization and training to raise them with the confidence needed to be an effective personal protection dog. It is a slow, time consuming process, but we have learned though years and years of practice how it’s done and we have done it well with Kaya von Prufenpuden. She is a lovely dog with a willing heart, sweet nature and naturally powerful protection.

Home raised with loving foster parents, a busy travel and social calendar, all couple with excellent breeding, health care and professional training have produced the kind of dog that would make any family proud. She is sweet, kind, happy, willing, obedient and fun. She is QUICK to pick up on bumps in the night and has a very intimidating bark to let would be bad guys know they have came to the wrong place. Her protection training is on par for her age and will only improve with maturity. She is a beauty and a pleasure to be with, travel with and to take out into public. She is social with other dogs, cats and farm animals of all sorts. This could be your new best friend, family member and protector. Give us a call and we will discuss your needs and see if Kaya is the right fit.

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